Update 02.021 – Survival Building

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In this update we are introducing a construction system for survival mode. From now on, you will need to mine rocks and cut trees in order to gain raw resources for building. You will also need to carry the resources close to the construction site by using carts or your hands. While building, the resources will be taken from the character’s surrounding (the current radius is 7m – or 3 large blocks). We have plans to include using contents of nearby chests or barrels in the future.
You place a block and build it with a hammer by using the Right Mouse Button – for placing a block you need the bottom resource in the resource list. In case you want to deconstruct a block back into the building material, use the new deconstruction tool (RMB) – but keep in mind that it can take a long time to deconstruct a huge stone block.
The first batch of construction models for blocks was released for now – more will be added into the G screen in the future updates.
We have also increased the amount of stones spawned when mining with a pickaxe.


– survival building
– added deconstruction tool
– construction models for the first batch of blocks
– inventory weight
– spawning more stones when mining
– added sounds for connecting ropes

– temporary fix for Intel HD graphics
– fixed countdown for clients on Castle Siege

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