Update 02.020 – Castle siege

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We are introducing the Castle Siege mode! This is the first work-in-progress version of a new mode that will grow and expand as the game does. The mode has been created to introduce a fast-paced proving ground for your castle designs. You can play as an attacker or defender and either defend your castle from opponents’ raids or lead the attack to capture the castle. The maximum number of players that can be in the game is 6 at the moment, but this will increase later in the future.

Quick Guide

– defenders spawn next to their castle at the start of the siege and have to run inside the castle, close the gates behind them and secure the area.
– Goal: defend your King statue for the set amount of time (default 30 minutes) or destroy the attackers’ respawn points (beds)
– your statue loses components with every defender’s death (30 respawns will destroy even undamaged statue)
– Castle Siege Map: Defender can always use the official map. If you want your own, or to tweak the official one, click on new world, custom world, select battlemap castle (the last scenario as of now), load it in creative and make the changes you want. Each object will add to the point count of the map. You can look at the count by pressing “l” and then selecting the checkbox Show construction count.
– Goal: destroy the defenders King statue in time and do not lose all your spawn points (beds)
– Siege equipment: Each attacker leader selects blueprints he wants available for the battle in the “Plan Attack” button. Every blueprint has a point value. Attacker can only select blueprints up to this maximum point value set for attackers by the server.
– after the battle starts, the attacker leader has a short amount of time to place all your blueprints; if you forget to place some in the time limit, you won’t have another chance.
NOTE: every blueprint made after 02_020 will be usable in battles. If you want your older creations to be usable, just place them in a creative world, copy them to a clipboard, select their name on the blueprint screen and press replace with clipboard.

Medieval Engineers dev blog post: Castle siege, Survival, Clans: http://blog.marekrosa.org/2015/06/guest-post-by-ondrej-petrzilka-medieval.html
Castle Siege map creation guide: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=458121318

Please send us your feedback about gameplay additions, balance suggestions and anything else you may feel that can be added to make Castle Siege even more fun! Thank you for your help and support.



– Castle Siege mode

– fixed ropes synchronization on projectiles equipped from containers
– fixed switched impact sounds switch when wooden stairs were placed aside to the stone cube blocks
– fixed unbalanced strength of host
– improved mobility of an engineer
– fixed small grids with ropes exploding when you erase/add blocks
– fixed issue where clients were not able to push small grids (carts and trebuchets) as well as server

EDIT 06/10/2015:
Update 02.020.023

– fixed crash when loading blueprint
– generated blocks now does not cost siege points
– voxel volume change is now visible

EDIT 06/11/2015:
Update 02.020.024

– fixed crash during lobby joining and invite
– fixed crash with rope manipulation in castle siege

EDIT 06/12/2015:
Update 02.020.030

Castle Siege fixes
– added default blueprints
– added hints for players in the top of the screen
– disabled ‘throw out everything from container’ feature for battles
– when game is over, players can stay in the world and chat
– improved trebuchet blueprint
– fixed crash when joining game
– fixed crash in render

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