Update 02.037 – Bugfixes and Repairing fractured blocks

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This week the stabilization period continues with new fixes and improvements. We added the ability to repair fractured blocks without having to remove them entirely. Also, when compound blocks are damaged, only the appropriate parts will be damaged instead of all of the parts being damaged at once.


– compound blocks damage is distributed per block
– repairing fractured blocks

– fixed destroying trees leaves invisible collision shapes
– fixed ground inventory UI not stretching when there is more than 12 items around the player
– fixed manipulation tool rotation of objects
– fixed reversed momentum when ending manipulation while moving
– fixed pasting resulting in a grid instead of a floating object
– fixed floating object model not getting updated after merging two objects on the ground
– fixed crash in castle siege if a blueprint consisted of logs/stones
– fixed loose resources remove button not working
– fixed setting bed ownership not being persistent in old scenarios
– fixed stone pillar square fractures
– fixed clipboard not saving floating objects for multiple paste actions

EDIT 10/06/2015:
Update 02.037.007

– fixed crashes with multiblocks
– fixed generated blocks not spawning issue

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