Update 02.038 – Bugfixes

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As the stabilization period continues we prepared new fixes and improvements for this week’s update such as fixing impact sounds between objects and improving manipulation with objects that is now more quicker when rotating.


– added barbarian music whenever a barbarian wave starts
– building beds sets the ownership to builder by default
– fixed scrolling of sub-blocks in g-screen
– manipulated objects rotate more quickly now
– fixed impact sounds between objects
– fixed missing localization strings in game options
– fixed de-spawning of bags on DS
– fixed getting resources from deconstructing blocks
– fixed blocks being indestructible when hit by projectiles at specific locations
– fixed stone block slope battlements mount points
– fixed mount points on a torch
– fixed official blueprints not having stones

EDIT 10/15/2015:
Update 02.038.009

– fixed server time sync
– fixed loot bag sync with server

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