Update 02.042 – Character crafting

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Character crafting is the highlight of this week’s update. From now on you are able to craft tools using the basic resources such as scrap wood or small stones. Bare in mind that this is the first iteration of this feature and more additions will be added in the future.
We have also made changes to respawn carts. When a client leaves the multiplayer session, the respawn cart will also disappear. Respawn positions are random now.


– Character crafting
– Updated respawn carts

– multiplayer crashes fixes
– fixed bots missing in G-screen
– fixed the issue with missing terrain after joining the server
– fixed the issue with missing stats screen after committing suicide
– fixed the issue with ropes on a client

EDIT 10/15/2015:
Update 02.042.009

– fixed crash on DS due to terrain
– fixed fractures button not working on DS
– fixed FloraComponent crash
– fixed crash of all clients on DS due to fracture piece problem

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