Update 02.043 – Cooking on bonfire

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Specialty on this week’s menu is cooking on bonfire. From now on you can start preparing roast meat, but we will add other simple recipes in the following weeks.
There are two things required, the ingredients (raw meat) and the flammable objects (scrap wood or branches would suffice). Bonfire has its own inventory where you put all the ingredients and where you will get the cooked items. Please bare in mind that this may change in the next iterations.
For now the items are cooked immediately. The only thing you need to take care of is to have enough flammables in the bonfire. Cooked meals will boost your stats significantly comparing to the raw ones, for example raw meat will add 10 food points and roast meat 60. Keep in mind that this is the first iteration and it can be changed in the future.


– Cooking on bonfire

– Fixed synchronization of ropes
– Fixed missing sound when walking on slopes
– Fixed occasional crash in renderer
– Fixed too bright screen after starting a new play session
– Fixed issue with disconnecting parts after using manipulation tool on catch block

– Fixed character crafting prices of recipes
– Fixed bonfire weight
– Fixed bonfire logic: Can’t start fire without flammables now
– implemented scrollbox for choosing source from which you want to craft
– added distance to the combobox text

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