Update 02.045 – Intuitive compound block building

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In this week’s update we are enhancing the building process with a new system that helps you build more intuitively. This new system allows you to place compound blocks without using the alt key, so you will be able to do only combinations which are more useful.
Thanks to this system, you will be able to use more blocks in survival mode in the future.


– Intuitive compound block building

– fixed DS not being able to run as a Windows service
– fixed voxel hands crash
– fixed spitting of grids crash
– fixed manipulation tool crash
– fixed bot navigation crash
– fixed voice crash
– fixed “Wooden floor round large” missing piece
– fixed attached grids not cut with ctrl + x
– fixed attached grids not affected by gravity after cut with ctrl + shift + x
– fixed manipulation tool duplication exploit
– fixed character removal exploit for Medieval Master tool
– improved texts, tooltips and updated layout for Medieval Master tool

The compound block changes introduced in the latest patch are second iteration and are not final. The main reasons why we made these changes were to properly prepare the blocks for building in survival mode and also to remove the z-fighting graphical issues.
We hear your worries about limiting your possibilities and creativity – more block combinations will be added in the near future.
Thanks for understanding and we are always here for you to listen to your feedback!

– fixed crash when fire light block was fractured
– fixed a problem when you pick up timber from ground with T it’ll disappear and don’t appear in the inventory
– fixed a few server crashes

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