Update 02.046 – Inventory loot bags

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This week’s update is all about loot. When you destroy any container, a loot bag will spawn with all the precious materials and items inside it. By applying this little change, you don’t have to play “catch me if you can” with the items dropped all around the place; they will now be conveniently stored in a bag. The loot bag will disappear after 30 minutes of real time.
You cannot manipulate the loot bag, take it with you or save it for later. So it is up to you what you pick and what you leave behind.
We also fixed issues with crafting in multiplayer and disappearing items on dedicated servers.


– Inventory loot bags

– fixed inventory not copying with chest
– fixed items disappearing after you picked them up on DS
– fixed a DS server crash
– fixed reconnecting to castle seige
– fixed fracture crashes
– fixed crafting issues in MP
– removed accelerating checkbox from ME master
– fixed crash after you placed the official trebuchet
– fixed loot bag weight
– fixed crash after exiting the world and saving
– disabled the manipulation of lootbag

HOTFIX 02_046_010:
– Fixing problem on DS that caused appearance of ghost blocks (e.g. when you are making scrapwood from log)
– Fixing crash in gui screen servers
– Fixed problem with dead barbararians having inventory AND a bag
– Fixed several crashes in MP replication

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