Update 02.058 – Z-fighting fix

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This week is mainly about bugfixing. If you build compound blocks, you’ve for sure noticed the unpleasant Z-fighting issue. The good news is we have fixed this – along with fixing characters appearing in the inventory list, and much more!


– Z-fighting problems with compound blocks is fixed

– fixed a crash on DS – attempted to read or write protected memory
– fixed an InvalidCastException in Sandbox.Game.Entities.Character.MyCharacter.VRage.Game.Entity.UseObject
– fixed a nullref exception in Medieval.GUI.MyGuiScreenFactionMedieval.RefreshJoinButton
– fixed a nullref in Sandbox.Game.Screens.Helpers.MyGuiControlStats.SetPotentialStatChange
– fixed a nullref in Medieval.GameSystems.MyAmbientSoundComponent.UpdateSounds
– fixed a crash in the flora component on System.Collections.Generic.Dictionary`2.get_Item(TKey key)
– fixing a bug where thread static was not used correctly.
– fixed a crash happening when loading modded animations.
– fixed DX11 device initialization crash
– fixed a few other crashes in VRage
– fixed a crash in MP in voxel replicable
– fixed a crash in hkpWorld.addEntity
– fixed characters appearing in inventory list
– changing the hit reporting sprite timing, so that it only appears for 0.5s
– fixed an issue where you could look beneath the terrain under the respawn cart in respawn screen
– fixed player being able to build on objects that are currently manipulated
– fixed fractures disappearing in wrong order, also increased the limit for fractures to 50
– the weight of a carried chest is checked again if a character is carrying the chest and its weight changes
– dropped tools should stay on one place, not roll forever like they do now
– fixed inventory rounding issues
– corrections to mass and volume of tools, edibles and components
– fixed music still reverting to Battle Music (hopefully for good now)
– fixed tree fall sounds missing on the DS
– fixed a problem with the barbarian not moving legs when standing and attacking
– fixed a few untranslated texts in the UI
– migrated the blueprint screen to new MP code
– better synchronization of owner id
– disabled sim-speed locking
– decreasing packet size for multigrids
– fixed ordering of state groups and replicables
– fixed inventory delta messages
– adjusted inventory priority
– fixed no sound for crafting table during the crafting process
– fixed particle effects

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