Update 02.059 – Bugfixing

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Originally posted: 03/08/2016

This week’s update is full of fixes and tweaks. We’re currently focused on bugfixing updates because they’ll give us a solid foundation for bringing planets to Medieval Engineers. This is also why we have been putting our energy towards smaller but still important features – these smaller updates and fixes won’t be affected when planets come to Medieval Engineers.


– added a variety in stone models.

– fixed a crash in Render11.RestoreFullscreenMode
– fix crash for disappearing RenderableComponent
– fixed a crash in inventory state group
– fixed a bug where you could be in two or more houses at the same time
– disabling the interaction cross-hair for the attack action
– fixed missing generated hay roof part
– fixed gravity nit being applied on particles
– fixed grass being too sparse even on high density settings
– fixed stamina message appearing twice
– fixed Z-fighting with the StoneArchFull blocks
– fixing autosave timing
– fixed a memory leak with blocks being kept in memory
– myFracturedPiece optimization: optimized tree falling
– added LODs for weapons
– increased aerial control while jumping
– tweaked sprinting, running and jumping animation
– changing the default inventory multiplier to 10
– changing the health HUD warning text
– hiding rotating wheel for the auto saves

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