Update 02.032 – Grass density slider, Food items on toolbars, Bugfixes

Originally posted: 09/01/2015 Summary We have added a new slider to the graphics options for grass density. This will adjust how much grass is generated in the world, or turn grass off completely to improve frame rates. Additionally, we have enabled moving food items from the inventory screen to the toolbar for easier access. Items Read More


Update 02.031 – Bugfixes #2

Originally posted: 08/25/2015 Summary The bug fixing period continues. As we informed you last week, we have entered a stabilization / feature-freeze period where our focus is on fixing bugs and improving existing features (more info can be found here: Some of the main fixes that were implemented this time are related to the Read More


Update 02.029 – Improved barbarian AI, Weapon particle effects

Originally posted: 08/11/2015 Summary Barbarian behavior has been improved. They now choose their targets, attacking the player when possible or destroying wood to escape instead of trying to get through stone. When barbarians attack, they will shout as they come near to the player. Sometimes the barbarians will spawn in groups instead of one at Read More


Update 02.024 – Character stats (health, stamina, food)

Originally posted: 07/07/2015 Summary Character stats – health, stamina, food – have been added to Medieval Engineers. This is one more of the main survival features that we are introducing to the game. Your character will now be affected by health, stamina and food. The character’s health will regenerate slowly through time; you can speed Read More