Update 0.4.10 – New Girl in Town

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Hello, Engineers! This week we’re introducing the first iteration of our quest system to the game. Our first implementation is for the tutorials. They are automatically started in every survival game, providing players a hand on getting started. Right now, there is no way to cancel this quest, but in the future we will introduce a way to manage this. Additionally, we are introducing an update to the female engineer, as well as the deer animations. We think you will enjoy playing as the female engineer even more.

– Introduction of the quest system. Right now, it only provides an in-game tutorial which we will use to monitor how well the system works and how well it is received. Please provide us lots of feedback about it. Right now, it is not intended to be modded, so please withhold modding it until we have a more finalized version. We will add a Quest tag on the workshop once we are satisfied.
– Female engineer updated.

Fixes & Improvements
– Added spawning in morning area on all planets.
– Updated deer animations to fix glitches in the animation.
– Added randomized character gender when starting a new game.
– Placing the last small block from your inventory will now deactivate the builder.
– Fixed UVs on wooden floor block.
– Fixed tooltips when looking at plants.
– Fixed tooltips when looking at small blocks.
– Fixed compound dummies on walkways and wooden wall.
– Fixed minimal hud sometimes loading as active. Game will never start without HUD now. You can still turn it off manually.

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