Update 02.015 – Multiplayer, Dedicated servers

Originally posted: 05/05/2015 Summary: Multiplayer has been added to Medieval Engineers! You will now be able to play together with your friends and either cooperate on constructing medieval castles or entire cities that you will have to defend from barbarian raids, or form groups and fight against each other. The initial multiplayer version supports all Read More


Update 02.014 – Large roof tiles, Battlements, Platforms

Originally posted: 04/28/2015 Summary: In this week’s update, we’ve added more roof tiles and big radius battlements/platforms into the game. Multiplayer is coming soon! Our team is working on some final details together with various other important features, so expect to hear more during the upcoming weeks… Stay tuned!   Features: – advanced battlement, platforms Read More


Update 02.010 – Logging, Storage containers

Originally posted: 03/31/2015 Summary Logging is now available in Medieval Engineers. Players can cut trees to produce timber and scrap wood (these features will be more useful at the later versions of survival mode eg. for lighting fire). Additionally, storage containers have been added. Currently there are three different types –small and big wooden chest and Read More


Update 02.006 – First form of Survival mode, settings panel, tearable rope

Originally posted: 03/03/2015 Summary In this week’s update, we are introducing the first form of the Survival mode. The initial feature of the survival mode is character’s death. Your character can now die by falling down from heights, by something hitting him hard or by something falling on him. The character can also die when the Read More